The Developer plays the role of the initial project lead. Along with identifying the site the Developer will perform tasks such as complete the initial studies, conceptual engineering designs and drawings, and establish the foremost relationships necessary to complete the project with. Those relationships involve financial investors, government officials, the utility, and the inhabitants of the area where the site is located.


The EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) partner is in charge of the phsyical construction of the project; however, before ground is broked the EPC and the Developer will review and finalize the design and budget so a contract between the two can be agreed upon. Once the construction begins the EPC is responsible for meeting the schedule and budget of the contract terms. They must also hire and manage the teams of contractors and must maintain existing relationships with the Utility and other parties involved. The EPC will usually be responsible for the Operations & Maintenance of the facility upon completion of the project.


The Contractors are specialized teams who are brought on by the EPC to perform the actual labor. The specializations of the various contrators include but are not limited to electricians, racking and module installaters, excavators, and fencing contractors.